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Every Builder has their story. Ours began with the burst of a bubble.

Our journey began amidst the turbulence of the 2008 recession, a time when the landscape of home-building underwent a profound transformation. This unique circumstance allowed us to enter the industry without any preconceived notions or fixed ideas about how things should be done. Instead, we approached our venture with a clear understanding of what to avoid based on the lessons learned from that challenging period.

Recognizing the urgent need for change in the struggling housing market, we understood that it was the perfect time to think differently and stand out from the crowd. The residential construction industry was in dire need of a fresh approach to adapt to the new era, and we were determined to lead the way. Drawing lessons from past mistakes made by others, we spent the past twelve years building our own efficient system from scratch. 

Rather than sticking to the outdated practices like paper schedules and endless phone calls, we embraced technology to streamline production communication, incorporated a design thinking focus to our process, sourced a team of service-minded experts, and listened to the experiences home buyers have had. By carefully analyzing their feedback and putting emphasis on finding resolutions, we continuously refined our process to cater to the demands of today's home buyers.  This approach has not only ensured success for us and our customers but also positioned us well for the future, regardless of market conditions.

Over a decade later and more than 300 homes delivered, our passion to push boundaries and improve remains stronger than ever. We would be honored to be a part of your journey to a new home, offering our support and expertise along the way.

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Times Change, Home Designs Should Too

Many builders offer a portfolio of homes for buyers to choose from. Those plans are often decades old and no longer relevant to our lifestyle needs today. Refinement is in our nature, so it is not uncommon for us to create entirely new designs every year. As a result, our buyers always get the latest layouts, trends, and elevations.

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Guided, Not Constrained

In partnering with our clients, we use our expertise to ensure each home is high-quality but never lifeless. Our variety of available options allows for freedom to choose what you want, and we’re here for advice when you’re just not sure what to pick.

Our Core Values

Our Goal

Everyone on our team shares this common goal: Make our customers journey to the home of their aspirations, in a community they love, an enjoyable experience to be remembered. We do this with our refined process and a curated team of experts that is always there to guide the way at every stage.  With this goal in mind we are committed to creating long-term value and relationships that extend beyond the homes we build and well after closing.

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Supporting our Environment and Community

With Brookstone Homes, you get green technology that reduces your energy bills and gives you more durable designs:

  • AeroBarrier building envelope sealant to minimize air exchanges avoiding excess heating and cooling.
  • HERS rated homes
  • Projected level of annual heating and cooling energy consumption that is at least 50 percent below the annual level of heating and cooling energy consumption of a reference dwelling unit in the same climate zone.*
  • Building envelope component improvements alone account for a level of annual heating and cooling energy consumption that is at least 10 percent below the annual level of heating and cooling energy consumption of a reference dwelling unit in the same climate zone.*
  • Ducting run in conditioned space
  • Homes designed to maximize the utility of resources
  • Any unused materials or excess construction waste is recycled
  • LED lighting comes standard
  • Energy-efficient appliances, windows, insulation, and siding
  • Smart Thermostat and highly efficient furnace and heat pump
  • Water fixtures designed to reduce water consumption

*Statement in accordance with the standards of § 404 of the 2004 Supplement to the 2003 International Energy Conservation Code (2004 IECC Supplement)

Energy efficient - Aerobarrier
Energy efficient - Nest
Energy efficient - HERS
Energy efficient - Green Home

"We could not be happier with our Brookstone Home. From the beginning, they were very responsive and met all promised deadlines. We have not had any of the typical new build issues and we absolutely love our home. If you want a quality home that isn't cookie-cutter & is beautifully designed, you should definitely look at Brookstone."

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